Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3. How To Make The Second Half Of Your Life The Better Half?

If you are on fifty years old or just near that age either above or below, you may be concerned about what the second half of your life. Rather than doing that, you can make the second half better than the first half. This is very much possible because you have learned a lot about various aspects of life and have also gained substantial experience during the first half of your life. Here are the ways you can adopt to make the later part of your life more exciting and meaningful.

1)      Think of your unfulfilled dreams and ask yourself whether you now have a chance to pursue them. The factors that were impediments during your earlier part of life in achieving your dreams may not be present now or even if they were still present, they may have become considerably weakened.
2)      Assess how much financial freedom you have. If you have built up enough wealth or income already, you have more freedom. Else, you have to concentrate on becoming financially independent first.
3)      Look at your relationships. Are they harmonious? If not, you have to pay attention to them first. Having harmonious relationship with people who matter in your life is one of the prerequisites for attaining success and happiness. By studying the problem areas, you may be able to arrive at some solutions. You may also seek some expert advertise. But remember that this should be one of your priorities if you want the second half of your life to be happy.
4)      Decide that you won’t do anything that you won’t like to. Having reached a stage in life, you need to take this decision. Doing something you find unpleasant just to please others will definitely make you feel resentful and unhappy.
5)      Turn to the creative side of your life. If you have talents that you have been unable to tap, it is high time you started tapping them. Living a full life requires that you make use of your innate skills and talents.
6)      Remember to live for yourself also. All along, you might have been taking care of the needs of others.  You have your needs also. You can’t neglect them anymore.

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