Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2. The most basic self-development skill

One reason why every one is keen on self development is that everyone wants Success and success can be achieved only by improving one's skills. Let us see what the most basic self-development skill is. Can you guess? If you pose the question, "What is the most important requisite for achieving success?" you will get myriad answers. Some of the most common answers are:
One should have a goal in life.

Hard work
Luck (Opportunities)
Time Management
Good contacts
Help from others
Family background

and so on.
These are some of the answers I actually got during my Success Seminars.
All of the above are important to a varying degree. But the most important skill for success is


Attitude is the key that will open the secret doors of success, wealth, fame and anything else that you may desire. The bank safe vault holds a lot of money and other valuables. But not a penny of it can be used by anyone unless the vault is opened with the right key.

So it is with you life. You have access to various kinds of riches but unless you have the right attitude, you cannot access them.

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