Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12. Six Silver Rules of Success

Having come across several lessons about success, you may be skeptical about some more rules about success. These are not rules really. These are suggestions given by people who have lived a life of success. It is up to you to decide whether to follow these rules or not. You have nothing to lose by following these rules. Your life is bound to become more interesting and if you can follow these rules of success with a certain  degree of conviction and enthusiasm, your life will become exciting too.       

1. Have a purpose
      Does it sound too old? It may even sound platitudinous. Fundamental rules of life don’t change. I won’t ask you to have a mission, vision and what not. Having a purpose can be very simple. Unless you have a purpose, you will have nothing to look forward to. When you get up every morning, you should know that you have something to do. Your purpose need not be rigid. You can change it as you progress. Living in my sixties, I have made my life simple. I live for my granddaughter. My purpose is to take care of the 8 month old baby till she becomes independent. Her parents are taking care of the child all right. But with a lot of time to spare, I am in a position to make life better for her by engaging her attention and enthusing her.

2.   2.Have some discipline
You should have at least a few rules of discipline. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get up early or exercise regularly. Create some habits like spending an hour or so for reading, housekeeping, learning some skill, helping others or any other activity.

3.     3.Set up small goals and achieve them
Nothing can be easier than setting up small goals and reaching them. Nothing can be more satisfying either. Prepare a list of tasks for the next day before you go to sleep. Don’t be overambitious. Choose things you can do easily. Achieving small things over a period will motivate you to plan for bigger things.

4.      4. Have a memo
      You may have an excellent memory but don’t depend on it. Make it a point to have memos for doing important things. Dependence on memory has made many people miss deadlines and lose opportunities. Your memory will serve you better if you aid your memory through notes.

5.       5. Don’t give a damn about what others think
      Whatever you do, you will have people criticizing you. And even if you do the craziest thing, you will have people supporting you. So, the wisest thing will be to stop worrying about what other people are saying and do what you think is right.

6.      6. Be prepared to accept setbacks
I     It is healthy to expect the best but  it is wise to know that setbacks are inevitable. Accept setbacks as inevitable hurdles you have to pass on your path towards success.

The rules are not so difficult, are they? You may be wondering why the rules are described as silver but not as golden. Obviously because six rhymes with success!

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